Little Guy makes his own breakfast

This morning we were treated to a sleep in. Little Guy managed to sleep until 7 o clock - a big improvement on his usual 5.45 am wake up time. When Mr. Mee a Bee told me I couldn't help saying Oh Thank God. I was so tired the thought of morning already was too much.

While I was seeing Biggie off to school Little Guy made his own breakfast. He spotted a blue and white bag on the bench then opened it up to find about a dozen of these Baby Castella. He found himself a little plate and set it on the table.
He came to tell me he'd found the balls.

Castella is a kind of sponge cake originally from Portugal that is popular here in Japan. These bite-sized ones are usually found at festivals or markets. The making of them is quite fascinating. The batter is poured into a large hot steel mould. The mould has a lot of round indents. Once they're baked the stand operator flips the mould and all the castella pop out into a tray in front of the stand. You can only buy a large or small bag full (not individually) and it is filled right in front of you. It cost about $5.00 for about twenty or twenty five castella.

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  1. I feel your pain about Little guy getting up at 5.45
    Mr P has started chatting to himself around 4AM and then going back to bed til about 7. He's advanced to chatting at 5 - - but gosh I wish it would go back to straight through til 8!!


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