More food shots!

Biggie spent an hour digging up sweet potatoes on Saturday afternoon. He went on a city-organised field trip. It was great fun!

Now I have a lot of kumara (as we call them in New Zealand) to cook. Any recipe suggestions?


  1. Did you know that the varieties of kumara that we have here (like the purple one in your photo) are actually Japanese/Asian in origin? The old pre-European Polynesian varieties are very hard to get ahold of and are so much smaller and a different shape. Still yummy though! I know, trivia trivia but I couldn't resist passing it on! Sorry I don't have any good kumara recipes, other than to roast it. Mmmmm... although I did once have Kumara pie made with a Pumpkin pie recipe and it was fabulous! Just a simple substitution of kumara for pumpkin I think.

  2. Kumara crochets? cook and mash Kumara scoop about tablespoon or so into roll shape dip in flour then beaten egg then breadcrumbs shallow fry........... YUMMY
    tip: better to cook and mash then put into fridge for a while before crumbing and if really organised put back into fridge for awhile before frying that way they dont fall apart. My absolute fav :)

  3. Thanks you two. Jac your trivia is cool! Love it!

  4. These are wonderful, aren't they?
    I just posted a recipe for sweet potato cakes on my blog, and was reminiscing about those sweet potato harvesting trips my children used to take when they were still in yochien. Such a Japanese fall activity!


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