Premium Japanese Denim?

Premium Japanese Denim? This is a phrase I keep seeing. Quite a few of my new bags for boys are made from Japanese denim so I'm intrigued.

I found this article about premium Japanese denim on The Budget Fashionista all about Uniqlo. It also answered another burning question that I had about Uniqlo in the States - sizing. Generally people in Japan are petite. Short and small in frame, flat-chested and flat bottomed. That's a huge generalisation I'm sorry but as far as clothing goes in the mass-market this is the type of stature catered for.

I am tall, 170cm (5'7"?) and I think it's no secret that I am LARGE hence my need to swim off the excess pounds. I can fit some things at Uniqlo but would definitely not be able to walk in and buy something off the rack. It seems I would not be able to do that in the USA either.

Back on topic: denim - J Crew is selling premium Japanese denim too this year.

Here is the ultimate website about Japanese denim manufacture by Rivet Japan. You MUST check out the gallery of photos. Most of the work on their jeans is done by hand. Did you know that stone wash really means that the denim is washed with stones? It's all fascinating and I love the close ups of the machines and special stitches for denim.

Some Mee a Bee bags are made from Japanese denim. I'm not sure if it's premium but I can tell you it is beautiful to work with. I pre-washed it and not a drop of dye came out. AMAZING! It's also so soft and pliable that it doesn't need to be ironed.

Have you come across Japanese premium denim anywhere lately? Post your links I'd be keen to see them.


  1. That jumping frogs messenger bag is too cute :) Thanks for dropping in and entering my blog comp and for tweeting it too! Cheers, Amanda

  2. You are not large by any means Jacqui! love the Rivet website, no wonder Japanese denim is no expensive if it is hand dyed, good lord...


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