Respect your elders today

Our holiday week continues. Today's holiday was for Respect-for-the-Aged Day

(Keirō no hi)

so it was fitting that my kids were at their grandparents house for the morning.

I spent the 24 hours that they were gone sewing and watching DVDs of the West Wing. A friend of mine lent me the entire set of all seven seasons. I don't have to give it back in a hurry yet I find myself watching it like a maniac who only has days to live. I stayed up so late that I slept in this morning and missed the rubbish collection. Mr Mee a Bee hasn' t noticed yet.

Catching up on my emails this evening I spent a bit of time chuckling over the latest interview on Expat Interviews. A German-Paraguayan now living in Dunedin, NZ has some interesting comments to make about the New Zealand work ethic and way of life. It was quite revelatory as I had never viewed my home country that way.

Tonight I think I will be able to squeeze in another few episodes of The West Wing and possibly some more sewing. Hopefully tomorrow I will actually finish some things so I have something to show. Sewing in bulk as I am now is a slow process in some ways. It takes a few days to get an actual completed item but you end up with a whole pile of lovely new things. I love it.


  1. I understand the obsession with watching a series. Last year whilst making an order for 25 girls skirts I watched the Aussie series "Love My Way" on DVD. It is such an amazing series and I was completely consumed by it. I just could not stop watching it. The skirts were delivered to the store with the label "Love My Way skirts".

  2. That's funny! thanks for popping in

    My West Wing Bags will be in store soon :)

  3. Love the West Wing! Watched all seven seasons the year before last for the first time ever- would totally watch them again too.

    Yay for having some time to yourself for sewing and watching TV.

    We also went to the in-laws and had dinner with my husband`s "Baba" out at a nice restaurant! She was stoked that we gave her a plant too- I was like "of course we must get her something" and Shun thinks this is the first time he has EVER given his grandmother any type of present.

    Loved what your in-laws said about you and your husband too and raising the kids!


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