Shopping in Downtown Osaka

Shopping in Downtown Osaka, originally uploaded by Mee a Bee.

One of the places we went to was an old re-purposed office building. Each of the small tenant office spaces has been made into a little shop. I am not sure how old the building is but it was built in the early Showa era, perhaps 1930s to 1940s. It's very cool and you can't help feeling nostalgic when you go in.

A lot of the shops sell antiques, retro and vintage things. There were a fair number of clothing designers, a few children's clothing shops and a couple of design book stores. It spans several floors.

We were particularly intrigued by an old vault in the wall. A woman who works there explained that the building was home to many accountants and lawyers who used the community vault to store important documents overnight as a safeguard against theft or fire. Fascinating!

The building is called the Osaka Nohrinkaikan Bld and is in Minami Senba.

The little shop pictured is called Foo. If you're ever in Japan you should visit and view their collection of vintage Japanese fabrics and handmade bags.

Don't forget to pop to the post below and comment to get the great haul of cute postcards, brochures and business cards I picked up.


  1. Its great to find some hidden gems! we could all do with a safety vault like that....

  2. I am so jealous! congrats on being Trifles pick of the week Jacqui!

  3. Just caught up on your life..lovely to see what you are up to..that shopping looks great!! Kim :)

  4. I bet these vintage shops are wonderful to browse through. Hope you found some treasures = )

  5. I'm finding Japan so difficult to get over. I only went for a week.. and got back over a month ago but I feel as though I left my heart in Shibuya.
    There is so much left I want to see and do in Japan and this post has just proven that. I need to get to Osaka - STAT!

  6. Wow! That's a unique shopper's world. Imagine, you can do your shopping and sight seeing at the same time. I think I would like to visit that in Japan.


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