Silver Week

We're right in the midst of a long weekend - actually five days in a row of holidays. It's so cool!!! A couple of public holidays fell near the weekend so the powers that be decided to add in a bridging holiday and give us a decent break!

It's been dubbed Silver Week and is sure to give the economy a little boost as people flock to the shops, travel and generally enjoy the lovely late summer weather.

Our weekend has been awesome so far. I spent yesterday morning with my little Saturday kids, playing and teaching them English.

Later on we treated Mr. Mee a Bee to a proper lunch in our favourite restaurant. We're still getting used to going out with the two kids to real restaurants. We both tend to get stressed out when Little Guy won't sit still, eat nicely or talk quietly. However I've had quite a bit of practice on my own just lately with the kids and have found Little Guy is more than ready to step up to the challenge. We had a delicious lunch and really enjoyed it. Mr Mee a Bee even had a glass of wine with lunch which is pretty unheard of for him.

Back home we all needed a nap. Luckily I woke up in time for my class at the gym. Power aquarobics was great after my huge pasta lunch and all-you-can-eat bread bar. I've done almost three months at the gym and completely addicted.

Today we are all feeling really chilled out. Especially me. It's so nice not to have to start thinking about getting ready for school and the week to come. My boys have just left to go visit their grandparents. They'll be away over night so I've take over the living room with my sewing. As you can see I have a lot to do. If you look carefully you might see some new fabrics there.


  1. The water aerobics sounds interesting. Swimming is such a great workout. What are your holidays for? Enjoy your 5 days of bliss!

  2. wow. i so envy you living in japan. you can go to the shops easily! i just got back from osaka. had less shopping time than i thought. wasted my time in yumesse but luckily manage to squeeze in 2 hrs in toraya. regretted didn't buy more! thanks jacqui for your help!

  3. Thanks for popping in everyone.

    Meg we have Respect for the aged day, a bridging holiday and then the first day of Autumn. This tacked on to the normal Saturday and Sunday. Lucky for us it was the third Saturday of the month which is Mr. Mee a Bee's only Saturday off in the month :)

    Any time Linda! let me know if you want me to pop back for anything else.


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