So you think you can swim?

A lot of my friends watch the popular So you think you can dance series. I don't but as I was cycling home from the gym tonight the phrase popped into my head in regards to swimming.

I went to the Masters Class tonight at the gym. We followed the usual program until the end when our instructor got out of the pool and started talking about racing starts. Whoa, you want us to do what?

As I belly flopped into the pool on my first start I realised that I have not dived for years and years. It made me feel pretty old thinking about the last time I might have dived into a pool. It was probably when I was 23 years old. Fresh out of university I had a cool job that paid really well yet only required me to work four days a week. I spent a lot of time at the university pool (pretending I was still a student).

Diving. Not quite like riding a bike. I may need some more practice!

By the way I am 37 now so I guess it wasn't that long ago.


  1. I'm 37 as well, and I truly can't dive anymore...

  2. LOL belly flop is about all I ever managed in the pool - not a water babe myself.

  3. I think I got it right 4 out of 10 times. The instructor seemed a bit taken aback when I said I hadn't dived for twenty years ... he was probably still in kindergarten 20 years ago

  4. 23 to 37 isn't 20 years;) and he was probably taken aback because you don't look your age;)

  5. Oh you're the second person this week to say I don't look my age, thanks! y
    es I know 23 +20 is not 37. I was thinking I hadn't swum since high school until I remembered that year when I was older :)
    I'll be happy if the instructor thinks I am younger, he's a bit of a hottie ;)


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