This is awesome! our trip is coming together

In December we are staying with my auntie & uncle for a few days. I got this suggested itinerary from them a few days ago. How cool does this all sound? I will have to answer YES to the last question.

Arrive Wed evening
Meet the DOG.
Explore house and garden.
Before bed swim at the neighbours.
Check vege garden for produce.
Water vege garden.

Meet MAX (the NEW baby)
Fishing at the Ironpot followed by icecream.
Splash Planet (swimming and playing).
Havelock North Shops and Cafes.
Shopping in Hastings or Napier.
Riding bikes and playing in the local park.
Swimming and hiding from the sun.

Power walk to "The Redwoods Secret Garden" in Te Mata Peak Reserve for morning tea.
Visit any local whanau or friends or contacts.
Camp over at Waimarama Beach (sleeping in tent),
or Beach House in case weather is iffy. Need to book so please let me know if that's of interest to you, would have to be Fri & Sat night.

Well these are only suggestions. I'm guessing this will be a kid focus holiday with a couple of lattes thrown in to keep us happy. Or we can get a Nanny and hit the shops???


  1. haven't seen that part of NZ yet. Sounds like a lovely itinerary :) How long are you going to be in NZ? Sure I could find the answer in your blog somewhere, but I'm lazy

  2. How exciting! Lucky you - I just love the Hawkes Bay. Sounds like you might get a bit of a holiday too!

  3. You must go Ghada, it's beautiful there. We'll be in HB just these few days and altogether just 3 weeks in NZ. I am sure it won't be long enough but as it is Biggie will be missing some school.


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