This is where I live: Kansai International Airport area

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Travelling through Kansai Airport? Have a few hours to kill? I have a small day tour to recommend. Leave your suitcases at the airport, there are several concierge services that can arrange this for about 2000 yen a day or if you are travelling light you might be able to fit your bag in a coin-operated locker.

Take the shuttle bus to Rinku Town station. It costs 100 yen. Or you can take the train for 350 yen. It's just one stop and takes a few minutes.

Rinku Town station is connected to the Gate Tower Hotel and office block. There's a lovely big outdoor space where you can relax in the fresh air or let your kids blow off some steam.

Or if you fancy doing some shopping there are two shopping malls on the other side of the station with food courts, restaurants and cafes (Starbucks and Tullys).

Electronic goods, sporting wear or interior decorating items are just across the road (Yamada Denki, SportsDepo and Nitori).

Brand-conscious bargain hunters will want to investigate Chelsea Premium Outlet Mall, also just across the road from the station.

You could spend an entire day here without worrying that you are too far from the airport. It's just one train stop away!

Inside the train station you'll find a post office (open 9-5), a convenience store (Lawson), a burger shop and a bakery.

For kids there's a small play area in the food court of Seacle (the mall) as well as kiddy-sized tables and chairs, and free drinking water. There is also a ferris wheel at the mall, ten pin bowling and an indoor amusement park.

If you want to walk down to the sea that's possible as well. The best way on foot is to cross over the pedestrian overpass located just past the Starbucks at the outlet mall. Grab your java to go!

Email me if you want more great tips about the Kansai Airport area. I love shopping and I have two kids so can I call myself an expert? On these topics, yes!


  1. good to know! Should I call you from airport or already before departing? ;)

  2. Very interesting to learn more about your area.

  3. Do you really live that close? We did a day trip to Rinku town recently. Fun fun fun. Deffinitly a must do if you have some extra time.

  4. Yep I love that close! 5 min bike ride. I go to the gym in the Gate Tower building!

    Eva! anytime!
    thanks Sunshine!

  5. Hee hee Jacqui thanks for that, but if I am ever that close I know this really cool lady from Neew Zil-land that I will be visiting! I think she lives close by :)

  6. Will have to save this for the next mimoo trip!

  7. thanks for the handy info.
    going to pass it onto my lil sis as she will be in osaka tomorrow for the day. :)


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