Bloesem Kids Feature! that's us!!!!

I'm so thrilled to share the news that I've been keeping just a little bit quiet for the past week. I have been featured on Bloesem Kids!

Bloesem is well-known in the online world. It's a gorgeous blog-style website dedicated to crafts, art and interior design for grown-ups. Bloesem Kids is an extension of that and as the name suggests its focus is on style and design for children.

I was invited to be interviewed by Brittni Woods, a guest author for Bloesem Kids. We met via my papernstitch exhibition (the website which Brittni runs!). She reviewed my work and I guess in the course of doing that she got a glimpse of our home.

It's always been a dream of mine to be featured in a glossy magazine. At one point I was very interested in Interior Decorating but I never pursued it. Still I do read a lot of "Home & Garden" type magazines and blogs. I like to think our home is tastefully decorated. Of course there is always more to do but it comes back to the old problem of time and money.

I hope you enjoy reading the interview and seeing some of my favorite spots in my home. It goes without saying that if you're ever in the neighborhood I will make a special effort to bake the cake of the day in honor of your visit.

Click here to read the interview

To credit some of the artists and work featured in my home:

framed postcards - Sweetbeets

framed prints - Sugarloop, Moofus, Askey, PataPri, zukzuk

other art from Feed Your Soul: the free art project

vintage world map (1965) from Kings Road

Needle Felted deer and toadstools from Little Cabin

Repositionable Wall decals by StickyTiki

Keep Calm and Carry On from blu lima

We only stock Mee a Bee bags in this house!

Furniture is all a mismatched collection of pieces from Ikea, Nitori, Muji, some things brought over from New Zealand. Nothing designer or noteworthy but I do love it all.

Thanks again Brittni and Irene for this opportunity.

And to Biggie and Little Guy for helping me clean up and agreeing to appear in the photos, thank you! (Little Guy wants there to be theme music as you view, he loves youtube).


  1. I love the beauty and the orderliness of your home. It's quite cozy! (I found your blog via the Bloesem Kids home tour.)

  2. Hi Jac

    I read the interview, it's really cool. Tore and I were very impressed by all your art on the walls, we need some around here. I will follow some of those links. Your decorating looks really good.


  3. hey, congrats! what a fantastic feature!

  4. Hi Jacqi, I was so happy when Brittni told me you would be our guest and I really would like to thank you for opening up your doors to your beautiful home for us. I really love your bags and hope you will expand your collection one day with other goodies! Many greetings from Kuala Lumpur! irene xoxo

  5. Nice Blog!! We have a wide range of Home Accessories which helps you to reset your Home in New style.

  6. Jac - your house is looking fantastic! Love all the little prints, and your cool new sofa.


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