The coolest kid on the block

Having a store for kids of course I am constantly exposed to all the wonderful new products out there for children. It's like working in a candy store and sometimes the temptation is too great.

I spotted these shorts from Three Little Trees before they were even off the production line. I waited patiently for them to arrive in stock at my favourite online store Little Pinwheel and pounced. I think they are fabulous!

Jitterbug Board Shorts, image from Three Little Trees

Next in my sights were these cute shorts from Brusselsprouts, another cool clothing designer based in Australia.

Brusselsprouts is a mother and daughter team who create the most darling things for little kids. I love this blue and white striped fabric so when I had the chance to trade one of my bags it was very easy to choose.

I wish I could show you pictures of Little Guy in his new threads but in order to save on postage I asked for both of these purchases to be sent straight to New Zealand where we will be for part of summer (down under).

Now I'm on the hunt for something cool for Biggie and I guess Little Guy will need something for his top half as well. T Shirt designers? need bags? I have some goodies on the way from Cackleberry Kids which I am very excited about. ** which never showed up, thanks for nothing.

I'm also reading along with Buttons by Lou Lou as she explores a Week of Handmade on her blog. Mee a Bee got a lovely mention yesterday, thanks!!

Nautical Stripe Long Shorts, image from Brusselsprouts


  1. I chose exactly the same pair of shorts for my 2 boys when I did my trade with brusselsprouts!

  2. Ohh - I like them! The Three Little Trees shorts are gorgeous!
    Yes - we sure are the same - he he , paypal is a wonderful (and dangerous) thing!!


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