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I've mentioned the book Craft Inc. Turn your creative hobby into a business several times on this blog. It's been a great little bible for me and my business. I still refer to it often.

I was actually pleased when my "friends" at Amazon emailed to say that they were going to be needing some more money from me. The Craft Inc. Business Planner is hot off the press and it's GREAT.

If you liked the book then you will love the hard-cover spiral bound workbook even better. It's packed with checklists, diagrams, more helpful tips (not just a re-hash of the original information), words of wisdom from experts in the creative field and so much more.

It will probably take me a year to fill in but if I did every step I am CERTAIN my business would soar.

Check it out. It's authored by Meg Mateo Ilasco and published by Chronicle Books, 2009

ISBN 978-0-8118-6995-9

PS - the new Couturier catalogue is in stores too!


  1. Ooooh how organized and cute! I love that it has checklists and all the other planning essentials!

  2. I like diaries, journals, planners etc very much and always think I need one more. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I LOVE that book. Its one of the most helpful books I have bought in a long time. sits next to Rich Dad/Poor Dad.


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