I love trades!

This week has been a week of trades. I have some great swaps or trades lined up with my friends the Handmade Designers on Skout Trade Fair (apply for free membership if you are in the kids' industry). More on that later. Sneak peek.

At the same time I am working on some trades with my great pals on Etsy. The wonderful Stacey of Stacey's Place made me these slippers!! Aren't they cool? I am so lucky.

Stacey wanted some gorgeous Japanese embroidery thread and a book of embroidery stitches. She mentioned it in a comment here on my blog. Since Stacey's sign in name has KNIT in it I pounced and asked whether she could knit slippers with soles. It was a first for her and quite a challenge BUT her family are so impressed (as am I) with them that she has requests coming out her ears for them. She has her Christmas list all sewn up (excuse the pun!).

Thank you Stacey! I love them and a they're perfect fit.


  1. you are very welcome, they look like they are a perfect fit, i was a little worried they might not be, they look so good!! i am proud, i am very happy that you like them!! make sure if you wash them that you handwash them, in cold water, with them being made from wool, they might felt in hot water. maybe we can trade again in the future. enjoy those slippers!!

  2. Good advice - I have been known to turn woolies into felt unintentionally!! thanks again

  3. Oh those are completely adorable!


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