last birthday gift to open

It's Mee a Bee's second birthday!
Happy Birthday to us!!

It's been a day of celebration. Cake. A Lucky Dip. FUN!

The fun continues for another few days with this Birthday Giveaway.

Simply comment for a chance to win this Puppy Messenger Bag in the Child size.

The bag is lined in bright pink and has an adjustable strap.

Thank you dear readers for supporting Mee a Bee for the past two years by reading my blog.

Comment below to have a chance. Entries are open for a few days, till October 31st.


  1. Happy Birthday Mee a Bee. May there be many more to come.

  2. congratulations MeeABee may the next year be even bigger and better xxx

  3. Happy Birthday Mee a Bee! Hope you had a fantastic birthday. Cant wait to see what you have planned next!

  4. So generous! Congrats once again. It must be a great feeling to be 2! yay!

  5. Linda said:
    "Hi Jacqui, Congratulations!
    Keep up the good work. (tried to put the comment on your blog, but wouldn't work )

  6. Happy Birthday Mee a Bee!
    You make such inspiring and beautiful bags.
    I hope your inspiration never fades as it will be everyone's loss.
    I can't wait for my little puppy fan to turn two so he can have one of your bags.

  7. Happy Birthday Mee a Bee!! I have loved reading your blog, and love your designs even more!! keep up the good work, and i also love the new friend i have made, thanks for being you!!

  8. I know exactly who this would be for,
    My Nephew who has dogs galore!
    He is obssessed with dogs like you would never guess!
    He didn't even realise he was getting his first hair cut as he was to busy looking at the dogs outside, isn't that the best!
    He cuddles his Puppy's to sleep at night,
    Even big dogs don't give him a fright!
    Sadly he can't have one yet,
    As they live in a apartment complex.

    A little poem for Bailey :)


  9. Great to hear you had a lovely day... you know how much I love those puppy dogs!! Christine xo

  10. Happy Birthday!

    Many, many more happy days to come.


  11. Congratulations! It's great to see you having so much fun doing something that you love! It's very inspiring to me... keep up the great work and keep loving what you do :-)

  12. Congratulations Mee a Bee on your 2nd Bithday,
    Hip, Hip, Hip Hooray!
    A great prize is what we would like to win,
    I would do almost anything!!!!

  13. Happy Birthday Meeabee! I hope the next two are even better!

  14. Congrats Jacqui! Best wishes for many more years of success for Mee a Bee!!!

  15. Happy Happy Birthday!
    I wish I will win, but whoever does, is a lucky one :)

  16. Wow! That's great! You've been an inspiration to me as someone who's been able to meld family, work and creativity together.
    I would LOVE to win this bag.

  17. too cute. and lined in bright pink? love it!

  18. Cutest Bag Ever! Happy Birthday and congrats. I love your bags.

  19. Happy Blogiversary! I love reading your blog. Thanks a million

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  21. I love your etsy shop.
    I have had my eye on something !
    I hope to win this!

    happy bday!

    jepeuxetsy @ yahoo .com

  22. Happy Birthday Mee a Bee! Looking forward to more wonderful bags from you in the future!

  23. Happy Birthday. What a great effort. You have gorgeous things.

  24. super cute + happy birthday to a cute shop!


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