A new whoopsie bag

I spent the earlier part of the week sewing for Mathilda's Market. Of course it was late at night and I was tired. Can you imagine how cross I was when my iron made a mark on this adorable little party bag? Very cross indeed. Then the bobbin ran out while I was sewing it. Grrrr.

I was planning to give it to my niece for Christmas but I have quite a few presents for her already so I thought I would offer for sale it here.

It's the wonderful Piggy goes to Rabbit's party fabric, matched with a bright cotton canvas, blue with big happy polka dots. The lining is baby pink.

The mark is barely visible to the eye, on the white part of the flap, near the little house. The bobbin running out is not noticeable either. It's an almost-perfect little girl's bag.

It's half price, plus a little for postage. $15.00 + 5.00 p.p = $20.00

If nobody buys it I am sure my niece will be happy to use it! I only have one.

EDIT: SOLD!! thank you


  1. that sure is cute!! i wish i had the money right now to buy it, it would be gone already! i love your talent with your bags. i love making bags, but they never seem to look that great!!

  2. Can I say that that bag looks yummy? Love it. Love it.

  3. It's going to be for my niece now Jacqui! :) xo

  4. That is of course, unless someone already bought it for their own little principessa? xo

  5. Thanks everyone and thanks Cat! Your niece will love it!! Mine has missed out, but she won't mind. Thank you!


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