The pile of work on my desk

I haven't done any sewing today ... yet ... It's 8 o' clock and I am waiting for Mr. Mee a Bee to come home from work so I can go to the gym. When I get back from the pool I have this pile of bags to get stuck into.

Some new stuff some old, all fantastic!

Oh wow! I almost forgot!!


Everything is shipping for free from today thru till Sunday (9-11th October 2009). Normally shipping is US$7.00 for the first item and $1.50 per extra items. This "Flat Rate" shipping & delivery system has been working well in my store for the past couple of months. It takes into account the cost of packaging and fluctuating exchange rates. Sometimes items cost more to ship and sometimes less but overall I think I am happy with this charge. Regardless, you will pay ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for delivery this weekend!

Anyone can get free shipping, WORLDWIDE, so I'd love it if you would mention this on your blogs, Facebook or Twitter. Thank you!

Copy and paste for Twitter: RT @meeabee FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING this weekend on every cute bag for kids at Mee a Bee, all that's cute from Japan!

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