Ring ring ... the telephone

Today I got an email from a lovely new customer who had some questions about her order. She asked me to call her. My first thought was to email back and explain the answers then I thought Why Not call?

I got onto world clock.com, calculated the time difference, picked up the phone and called. What might've taken several emails back and forth was solved in moments over the phone.

And I got answers to some extra questions. It was so nice to speak in person to one of my customers! She was so pleased to have found me.

Since I've been living here in Japan I have developed quite a fear of the phone. Language is the big issue. I know I should study but there are some things I might never learn how to communicate.

Last week I placed an order over the internet. I was pretty pleased with myself as there were a lot of forms to fill in, all done with the help of Google translate. Then the company called to check my details. I managed fine but it sent me into a a bit of a tail spin when I received a few other phone calls and people at the door the same day.

It may come as a surprise to you to learn that in my previous life, as a new graduate living in New Zealand, that I was a top-ranking sales rep for the telephone company. I spent about ten hours a day talking on the phone selling stuff and answering queries. I was really good at it.

I'm still good at selling stuff ;) but I need to get back into the habit of using the phone to make life simpler. So if you have any questions about Mee a Bee or anything else call me! (email first to get my number of course).


  1. I am the same, I screen my calls and only pick up when the other person starts to leave a message, I would never have thought of doing that back home. I am pretty sure my ability to speak English properly is degrading with the longer I spend here, I actually said 'let's go to shopping' the other day!!!

  2. I have a young friend who wants to teach English in Japan - does he need to learn to speak Japanese fluently, or can he get by on knowing just a few phrases? He's very eager, and is studying every day, but it is rather hard, as you know.


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