She loves chocolate, she's in good company here

This morning Mee a Bee was featured in a beautiful treasury (below) on Etsy. For those who don't know what a treasury is or how it works: a treasury is a collection of favourite items collated by a member of Etsy. Anyone can create a treasury although the program has some rules about numbers that make it a little bit difficult to get a spot.

If you do manage to snag a treasury you spend the few days that its active on the Etsy site hoping and praying that it will be given the coveted front page spot on Obviously Etsy want to make sure every visitor gets a great first impression: The Front Page.

As a curator you want to pick items from the thousands of stores on Etsy that convey your mood or message. I think Dionne did a fabulous job with her treasury. The title is Memories of a Weekend Jaunt. Here's what I wrote in response upon seeing the treasury:

"Gorgeous - I see a weekend by the sea, blustery and windy, then meandering back antiquing on the way ... the little kids messenger bag from Mee a Bee [is] perfect for shell collecting - it's washable afterwards"

I wrote to Dionne to thank her for featuring me and she gave me the go-ahead to tell you a bit more about her. Dionne is her name, the shop is called City of Dionne. Her shop is really pretty and I just love a woman who confesses her love for chocolate so proudly and openly.

Where you'll really find all the good stuff is on her blog. It's gorgeous, colourful and fascinating. You'll find a mix of illustrations, anecdotes, memories of childhood, dreams and aspirations, favourite meals, giveaways and artist features. I urge you to add Notes from Dionne to your weekly reads, I am.

Thanks again Dionne ♥

*Picture is one of Dionne's original illustrations, please do not copy without permission from the artist.


  1. Jacqui, this is making my head get all fat, hahahaha. Thanks for yuor kind words!

  2. wooo thank you for the info!! glad I found her works, simply delightful


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