Someone I'd love to meet: Helen Rawlinson

This week we're in for a real treat on Kristina's blog Wash When Dirty. We're given a look Inside artist Helen Rawlinson's studio.

Mum of one, based in London, Helen has enjoyed great success in the UK over the past decade or so. Her interview touches on the thrill of selling her art globally with the Internet boom. She explains some of her techniques and her plans for the future.

I came across Helen Rawlinson on the exhibit. Her simple graphics and bold colour choices are perfect for children.

I was really excited when I noticed that Kristina was planning an interview! And then I spotted Helen in the FREE SHIPPING Weekend Deals gift guide on Etsy! Free worldwide shipping!!

AND then I noticed that Helen is having a giveaway as well!

There are so many links in this post.
Start here at Wash When Dirty
then go to papernstich - Helen Rawlinson
You'll find links to her Etsy shop, blog, Twitter page and Facebook Fan Page.
Her shop was also Shop of the Day on papernstitch - textile extraordinaire, yes!


  1. Hi Jacqui,
    Thank you so much! You should be my PR agent!
    I love your items for little people, they are so well thought out and I'm already a fan!
    Thanks again and best wishes, Helen

  2. Thanks Helen - your work speaks for itself but we can all do with a bit of PR help! happy to do it :)

    I have fixed a couple of typos, sorry!

  3. I love Helen's designs. I have sometimes used them in my Etsy treasuries.

  4. Thank You Jacqui :) - I'm totally in LOVE with all of Helen's Designs :)


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