Sunny Autumn Days in the Garden

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This morning our real purpose for going to the shops was to get a trellis for our bougainvillea. This is what we got (a bit small but within our budget and size to fit in the car)

One summery Saturday morning, the boys and I were out cycling and came across a ratty little bougainvillea on sale at the garden centre. We bought it because we can't go anywhere without buying something (that's me) and because it was on sale for just a couple of bucks.

It started raining when we got home so the plant was dumped in the back garden, then later moved to the side, just outside Little Guy's room. It sat, a little sad, still in its pot. A couple of weeks later it burst into flower and set roots down. It was gorgeous and seemed to be thriving so I decided to plant it there.

I was worried that this type of plant might be like ivy and would take over the whole wall. Then I saw a bougainvillea on my favourite movie Holiday (Cameron Diaz et al) that a trellis is often used. So our life became filled with purpose!

Last week we found one but since we were on our bike we didn't get it. Even in the car today we had to rearrange the kids' car seats and fold down the front seat of the car.

We came home and started digging the hole straight away. Then we struck a pipe! Thank god it didn't crack but it runs the length of Little Guy's room so that ruled out any planting there.

It's final spot is here, by my kitchen door, on the front of our house. I hope it likes its new home and grows like a weed. I can't wait for it to flower again next summer.

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