We love ballet

We love ballet, originally uploaded by Mee a Bee.

Wow! I've been looking for ballet fabric for ages. Found some a few weeks ago and ordered it only to be told the next day that in fact it was sold out. You can imagine my delight when I found this adorable fabric at the craft store on Sunday.

I'm taking pre-orders for Little Kids Messenger bags and will be making a few purses and notebook covers as well.

This picture (fabric by Kokka, made in Japan) is enlarged. The ballerina's are about 1" - 2" tall on the actual material. Dusky pinks and blues are the main colors.


  1. What a gorgeous find! I'm so jealous! The colours are delightful...and the faces, so sweet.

  2. ooh.. that is very very pretty. I may have to request a purse or something made from that fabric. Do you have enough to custom make something like that?

  3. Just a little Midori! Maybe a little zippy purse for your lip gloss would be nice? thanks!


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