Weekend Jaunts ... those were the days ...

Before we got married we loved to take off for weekends away. That's a very distant memory now that we have two kids, a garden to look after and two businesses to run (mine and Mr's).

Thanks City of Dionne for featuring Mee a Bee in this beautiful wistful treasury entitled Memories of a Weekend Jaunt. Check out her gorgeous card shop. You'll find images of Paris, old typewriters and cupcakes. Her work is amazing. City of Dionne.


  1. jacqui jacqui jacqui!! you have been featured on this really lovely blog. how exciting as Kenzie poo has a big following

    I am about to head over to BK to check out your open house. double congrats!!!!

  2. Thanks so much! How sweet of you to give me a shout-out like that! Your shop is AWESOME, so of course I included one of your items in my Treasury :)

  3. Thanks Tina!!! It's a big week for Mee a Bee.

    And thanks Dionne!


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