Anchors Away

Anchors Away
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got a few tricks up my sleeve for little boys!

how do you like this colour scheme?

personally I am a big fan of aqua/teal/turquoise

Mr Mee a Bee gave the thumbs up for the grey base

what do you think?


  1. I really love this scheme. The colours are happy and child appropriate but also lovely and elegant. What can I say. Love your work!

  2. love gray and blue! Not sure of black strap though, since I'm such a "coward" with colors, I would have gone with gray strap :)

  3. Thanks girls!

    Yes, the strap ... it's actually navy blue. I am still hunting for grey strap. It's really hard to find the right colours. I usually just have to make the best of what I have on hand.

    I think you are quite adventurous with colours Eva, your new colour combo is lovely!

  4. I really like this and I think I would prefer it like this rather than have a grey strap as well. Too much of a muchness I think. Teal would be good if you could match it...

  5. Great work Jacqui! Also wanted to let you know that I have awarded you the following


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