Bags for Boys

When I first met my husband he had a battered old leather briefcase, a cool soft satchel, worn from years of use. He got rid of it shortly after we met replacing it with a horrible vinyl laptop bag. When we moved and he became a commuter he splurged on a Gucci messenger bag.

Have you ever watched the program Absolutely Fabulous? Do you remember the episode when Patsy arrives and says "God Eddie what are you wearing?" Edina thrusts out her chest and says "Lacroix darling Lacroix!" Patsy says oh right. Or something like that.

That's kind of how I felt about Mr. Mee a Bee's bag ... it's nice because it's designer ...

Little Guy of course loves everything to do with daddy including his bag. That's why he loves Messenger-style bags. He puts his on "just like daddy".

Bags for boys? Yaye or Naye? You be the judge: shop for Boys at Mee a Bee.

Speaking of boys, my three (two with their man-bags) have gone into the city for the day and won't be back until tomorrow!

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