Brusselsprouts - YUM!

Did your parents force you to eat brussels sprouts when you were a kid? Mine did and I hated them. Now I love 'em.

I love these shorts too from Brusselsprouts, handmade clothing from Australia. I wrote about my first swap (in the great handmade swap) the other day. I traded a Robot Messenger Bag for a pair of Nautical Stripe shorts. They're being sent to New Zealand so I can't take a picture but luckily Lou of Buttons by Lou Lou has the same great taste and traded the same ones.

Read more about The Great handmade Swap in the post below.

Here's a photo of Lou's little fella in the same shorts that my Little Guy will be wearing come Christmas. I didn't notice before the wonderful grommet detail on the pockets.

The boy's things are lovely but really you must visit Victoria and Kay's store to see the crochet and fabric dresses for little girls.

Brusselsprouts, gorgeous designs for your little sprouts.
Check their blog to see what we swapped

Then pop into Buttons By LouLou to see what this fellow Japanese fabric addict has to say about her Brusselsprouts shorts.

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