Celebration Day!

School was cancelled today due to heavy rain overnight so Biggie was home all day. His school is under construction at the moment - the lower grades are housed in pre-fabs, the playground is about 1/4 of its usual size and the kids have to tromp through a makeshift corridor after walking across potholes and gravel paths. I was glad when they said we'd have a day off.

That meant the kids got a chance to play with our new Happy Birthday Banner, handmade by Hannah at Bonne Nouvelle.

They had a lovely little party for two of the teddy bears. They had all kinds of Lego party food - sausage rolls, tomato sauce, chips and jelly beans.

Hannah and I have swapped before, Little Guy has one of her western theme banners in his bedroom.

Hannah felt sorry for me having to use that awful tinfoil Happy Birthday banner that I had and she knew that Biggie would be having a birthday soon.

The banner is so bright and cheerful I am almost sorry it will only be used a few days a year. Hannah also sent over some cupcake toppers and a beautiful hand sewn leaf streamer (in the picture above and below).

Thanks Hannah we love it!

I'm embarrassed to say I have not finished the bag that Hannah is getting in return.

Bonne Nouvelle on Etsy

Bonne Nouvelle is also showcased at Piper & Chloe in Utah, a seasonal market.

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