Chic Paris Bag

Chic Paris bag
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This little bag was made especially for a clever little girl who has just started learning French and Japanese (and lives in Australia). How fitting to have a French bag that was handmade in Japan?

This bag is the Little Kid Size with an extra long non-adjustable strap for a seven year old. Yes! Seven years old and already learning about the world and its many cultures.

Bag is linen-cotton blend in light natural beige with linen-cotton printed flap. It features Eiffel Towers, the French flag and postage or passport stamps printed in white.

The lining is 100% cotton and it's so cute - blue, white and red polka dots!

I added a navy blue strap which is very chic with little ribbon accents. There is also a French Flag ribbon accent on the flap corner.

I have a few more of these chic bags ready to sew if you like it! As always I am happy to discuss bag customisation for your little boy or girl.

Don't forget Shipping (delivery) is free in my store this week! Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.


  1. THAT is my favourite bag ever! Seriously! I hope you still have enough fabric for me to have a satchel for my birthday c/- Mr & bebito!!! :) What a lucky little girl.


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