Conversations overheard - the funny things kids say

Conversations overheard:

My kids are really into Knock Knock jokes - the older one being a week off eight. The little one is just three. Little Guy demands that Biggie tell a joke.

Biggie says "Knock Knock"
on cue Little Guy says "Who's there?" - he's got that part down.
Biggie replies "Noah"
Little guy shouts indignantly "Not Noah!!! tell a joke!"
Biggie shouts back "I am!" say "Noah who?"
They go back and forth a few times like this until Biggie gives up.

The joke is Noah - Noah who? - No ah good place to eat around here?
The thing is Biggie's name is Noah so Little Guy doesn't think that can be part of a joke.

Conversations had with an eight year old

Me: I might go to Ikea tomorrow instead of having Chatty Cafe (I'm reading the Ikea catalogue that came in the mail).
Biggie: What's the point in going to Ikea if you're just going to sightsee?
Me: I'm not going sight seeing, look at all this lovely stuff I could buy.
Biggie: How are you supposed to pay for our tickets [to NZ] if you go shopping all the time?
Me: You are such a BANK MANAGER.
Biggie: Falls off his seat laughing hysterically.

me thinks to myself: he's right, he's only 8 years old, damn it. :(


  1. LOL! Sounds like a husband in the making! Great post, Jacqui!

  2. I am really looking forward to these moments with my son when he is old enough! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hilarious...I'm falling off my seat too! Happy Friday from Tokyo!


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