The Great Handmade Swap

Had a great idea lately? Naomi of Thula Thula has!

Naomi and I, along with a heap of other great people are members of Skout Trade Fair. Skout is THE network for those in the Kid's Industry. Within the group there are a bunch of us who make things by hand. Most of us are mothers running small businesses from home. We could all do with a little leg up sometimes which is where the Handmade Swap comes in.

The Handmade Swap serves two purposes. We talk about it, share the word about the GREAT things our friends and colleagues are doing, we create some BUZZ about each other's businesses.

Second, we get stuff! Although not free, it feels like I'm getting presents in the mail.

Today my swap with Jenny of Festoon Bunting arrived. I asked Jenny to make me two little buntings that I could use to sweeten up my photos. Living in a house of boys and being a little bit non-frilly myself I never have any cute girly stuff to add to the photos. They are so plain and boring - but not any more!

In this impromptu photo shoot I quickly transformed a corner of my living room into a festive fun place. The buntings are gorgeous crisp cotton on white bias tape. Jenny cleverly adds a little velcro loop on each end for securing to a curtain rail or tree branch in the garden. My two are available on the Festoon Bunting website for just AUD $32.00 each plus shipping, named Pinks and Blues respectively.

They'd make a wonderful addition to a baby nursery. Get one for a friend when you throw the Baby Shower and she can keep it for baby when he or she comes along. I also love the Christmas bunting in the Festoon store. And how pretty is the floaty linen wedding bunting?

Thank you Jenny: Festoon Bunting and More, beautiful bunting for every occasion
and Naomi - Thula Thula, handmade clothing newborn to five years, and a preemie range
and Skout Trade Fair - the network if you're in the Kid's Industry, handmade or not

Visit Festoon Blog in a few days to see what Jenny thinks of her Mee a Bee bag. Which one did she choose?

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  1. Amazing write up.....I love my idea, it really took off and how much fun is it???
    Love the handmade logo.
    Your jeans are on their way...hope the Christmas post won't delay it.


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