Have you seen my bike?

I got this old rust trap for Christmas about twelve years ago from my then-boyfriend-now husband Mr. Mee a Bee.

I didn't used to have a car of my own so when Biggie was a baby I took him everywhere in a little seat attached to the front handlebars. Once he grew out of that I replaced the seat with the biggest front basket I could find.

Now I have Little Guy in the back seat on my bike. I have my own car now but cycling is so much better - it's great for my health, it's fun for Little Guy and it's surely the eco-friendly way to go.

We cycle almost everywhere. We go to our local post office a couple of times a week with parcels for Mee a Bee. We go to the fabric shop, office supply store and haberdashery. That big basket is a god-send.


  1. I wish I know how to ride a bike...

  2. I wish I lived in a slightly more bike-friendly area! Sounds fun.


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