I wrote my own Press Release!

Australian mums look beyond pink and blue

Osaka -- Nov. 16, 2009/ Mee a Bee - the small bag company - for small people - is known for its simple design, hand-crafted satchels and book bags. Mee a Bee will now be available in Australia from Beyond Pink and Blue.

Designer and owner Jacqui has created a very special range of messenger bags in the signature Mee a Bee style, designed to be worn across the chest by kids aged three years and up. In keeping with Beyond Pink and Blue's colourful childhood philosophy the line is bright, playful and just gorgeous.

Quality materials and superior craftsmanship remain at the core of every bag bearing the Mee a Bee name. Each bag is designed and sewn individually using fabrics made in Japan. The prints are imagination-capturing and simply adorable. Not one bag features a popular television character!

Mums can't get enough of the cute designs and colour combinations. Little kids just love the independence of having their own bag that is easy to put on, open and close and stuff full of treasures.

"I adore finding new and fun fabrics that kids will love. The best part of the designing process is deciding which colours to match with the main fabric to make it pop! Taking a piece of cute fabric and making it into a bag ten times cuter is so much fun. My two kids are very much involved in this process and often see things the adult eye doesn't." said Jacqui Miyabayashi, owner/designer of Mee a Bee.

Mee a Bee, all that's cute from Japan, is available to purchase directly from the designer and now for the first time it's also in store at Beyond Pink and Blue on the website ( www.beyondpinkandblue.com ). Shoppers can buy in Australian dollars and benefit from the low flat-rate shipping offered. Not to mention being able to shop the entire Beyond Pink and Blue range for the colourful child.

As always care for the environment is a concern. Mee a Bee uses fabrics that are dyed with non-toxic inks and are safe for children. For more information, please visit www.meeabee.com

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♥ Monica just announced details of the Beyond Pink and Blue - Mee a Bee giveaway on the blog!!

♥ babybites has picked up my Press Release!! I am so thrilled they used it exactly as I wrote it, no edits as far as I could tell! Thanks babybites!


  1. it sounds awesome!! great job!!

  2. great press release! hope you get lots of press from it!

  3. great! want to do mine? It is still on my to do list! I am planning to have a press page on my website...one day.

  4. Thanks you guys! you're all so kind for reading it and commenting. Reading it over - I wrote it at midnight last night - I still think it sounds professional.

  5. It sounds great have just sent the link to my pregnant sister who is really choosy about what she likes.
    I love all of those bags!

  6. You go, girl! So glad all going wonderfully well for you. Tania x

  7. Hi Jackie
    You just inspired me to write my own press release too. Its not easy!

  8. It IS professional and I have written more than a few in my time! Let us know how you get on with it - I hope you pick up some good press.


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