It's my baby Big Boy's birthday today!

He's eight today but I still call him Baby quite often. He doesn't mind ... for now.

Biggie had a fantastic weekend. He's really lucky because the day before his birthday is a holiday. This year it fell on a Monday giving us a three day weekend. Nice!

Yesterday I devoted the whole day to Biggie. I spent the morning baking and preparing for a small afternoon tea party. After lunch we made a beeline for our bikes. We spent over an hour at the Lego shop, just the two of us, examining and admiring every set. We made a couple of other stops and Biggie even held my hand a few times - that won't last much longer either.

The day ended with the fab tea for six kids - the neighbours plus my two. It's often very disappointing putting on a kids' party with Japanese children in attendance. Birthdays are not celebrated in the same way here, they're more a private family event. No friends, no sausage rolls or party games.

Yesterday's event was very low-key, just a step up from the normal afternoon snack time you might expect, although I did sing and there was a candle to blow out. Still the kids spent the entire time asking "What's that? Why are you doing that? Why don't you do that? What are these? - yes, a bit annoying for me, but Biggie just loved being in the limelight. His thunder was stolen a few times by Little Guy - he was telling smelly jokes, making everyone laugh. It fit the theme though - Captain Underpants - Biggie's favourite book series.


  1. That cake is fabulous! Well done!
    Thanks for the chat last night.

    Happy Birthday again Biggie (and getting bigger)


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