My pick for charitable holiday shopping

Here's my pick for charitable holiday shopping this year - Baby Teresa.

Australian Baby Teresa manufactures and sells a variety of 100% cotton onesies for babies, and, for each one purchased, donates another to a baby in need somewhere in the world.

Buy Baby Teresa all-in-one outfits online now

  • Free Postage on all Australian orders.
  • International postage is just $5 per suit.Buy 10 or more and shipping is free worldwide.
  • All prices are quoted in AUD and include any GST.
  • All Baby Teresa suits are 100% Cotton
  • Buy online now using Paypal (credit cards accepted)

  • For those of you who want to support the program but don't know any babies, you can buy a suit (or two) and ask Baby Teresa to donate both to a child in need somewhere.



  1. I'm glad you blogged about baby Teresa. It's a great idea. My best friend's baby was one of the models for the suits.

  2. We really appreciate you blogging about us - many thanks!

    Kirsty & Sammie - Baby Teresa

  3. Thank you Rosie and Kirsty!!
    It is an awesome idea Kirsty. Love it and wish you great success!
    Rosie the models are LOVELY!


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