My very own Siri doll

My very own Siri doll, originally uploaded by Mee a Bee.

I think I have professed my love for Eva many many times on this blog. I have to say again how much I love this generous soul. Earlier this year we talked about trading fabric scraps. I found this pink linen in the remnant bin at the store. Just look at the magic treatment Eva has given it. Siri is hand-embroidered. She has vintage buttons. She is too cute for words.

Thank you Eva.

You can order one for yourself for the ridiculous price of $27 - did I mention she is handmade? - here in Eva's store Apple and Eve. Hurry before Eva realises that she is practically giving these dolls away.


  1. cute doll!

    and thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog. i read yours everyday, not to just enter a contest :O) {love your messenger bags!!}

  2. thank you :)
    You probably know already that you are one of my very favorite persons in the whole internet - universe :)
    And I'm truly happy to see you love the Siri doll!!!!


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