Thula Thula Jeans - The Great Handmade Swap

Last night I was very excited to find a package in my box from Australia. The customs label read "Clothes and Chocolate" so you can imagine how quickly I rushed in to open it! I undid all my hard work from the gym but gosh Cadbury Cherry Ripes are just sooo good.

The parcel was really for Little Guy - his handmade jeans from Thula Thula!

Naomi, mum of two little ones, sews clothing for young children using her own vintage-inspired patterns. The 1930s and 1940s are her favourite fashion era.

These jeans were custom-made for Little Guy and they fit like a dream.

The fabric is soft denim that looks really comfortable - he put them to the test today - jumping and bike riding.

I love the unisex style. They are flat-front with elastic in the waist through the back - making them easy to put on and giving ease of movement. They cover his lower back really nicely even while he's playing on the floor.

The little details are exceptional. The front features two large patch pockets with red stitching. Sailor suit style I think. There are two more pockets on the back with the same cool red stitching. The back lining is wonderful vintage-looking striped cotton.

We are in love with Thula Thula, thank you Naomi!

Read Naomi's blog here and visit her online store to order your own jeans for kids. If you have a little girl you will be in heaven.


  1. Ooooh lucky! I bought one of their cardigans for my daughter is just gorgeous :)

  2. sure are! wish I had a little girl.


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