To Wash or Not to Wash

A lot of people ask me if I pre-wash fabrics before I use them. It depends on the type of fabric, but generally, no.

No?? Quilters and clothing seamstresses probably want me to wash out my mouth with soap so let me explain.

The fabric used most for Mee a Bee bags is a blend of linen and cotton. Linen is notorious for wrinkling - that's part of its charm - and is very hard to iron. It never looks the same after it's washed therefore I do not wash the linen/cotton fabrics.

I do always wash denim first since dye transfer is common. High quality Japanese denim does not bleed dye but take care.

The good news for those using Japanese linen/cotton blend fabrics is that they do wash extremely well. They do not shrink or become misshapen and they are colour-fast. Mee a Bee bags are completely safe to wash in cool water, by hand or machine (gently) then I recommend ironing while slightly damp.

Here's an example of Japanese cotton linen fabric. This bundle of cuteness arrived in the mail this week. My friend Karen runs the fabric and supply shop Washimatta. She saw this fabric and she thought of me. Isn't it adorable? Thank you Karen!

I will get to work on some cute bags soon but in the meantime if you would like to purchase your own yardage visit Washimatta on Etsy. There's a weekend sale on some stuff too!!
AND it's one of the few places where I have seen LIBERTY, Tana Lawn, printed in Japan.

Ducks n Brellas by Kokka


  1. I don;t wash any of my fabrics before making clothing, shhhh! thing is I totally agree with you, linen wrinkles and is hell to iron, the other is that if you wash mostly on cold or warm wash, most fabrics don;t shrink anyway!
    I'll keep the soap for the next door have pirate mouth!

  2. We'll keep hush hush about that then!


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