What does Mee a Bee do on a Sunday?

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♥ Sleep-in - today I woke up so late
♥ Check emails - hoping I have sold a bag (or two) overnight
♥ Breakfast - the same thing I have everyday - two weetabix with soy milk
♥ Sew until lunch-time or waste time surfing on the internet
♥ Mr Mee a Bee gets lunch for us all at 12 on the dot
♥ 1 o clock - head to the gym for Aquarobics - I look exactly like these old ladies. I am totally hooked on the aqua-circuit class.
♥ 3 o clock - home and more sewing
♥ Mr. Mee a Bee makes or buys dinner, I sew until the last minute
♥ While Mr. Mee a Bee is at the driving range (golf) I watch TV or cut fabrics in front of the TV
♥ We watch a movie together
♥ I do some more sewing, until I am so tired I cannot walk straight

That was my day today!


  1. So strange to hear about how your day WENT as mine is just beginning! Sounds like a good day!

  2. sounds like a great day to me especially since there was no cooking or laundry :)

  3. sounds like a relaxing but productive sunday.

    thanks for the message on my blog. :)

    i haven't seen a bag in your shop done in the trefle kokka fabric with ducks holding umbrellas.

    a metre is yours if you want.


    My daughter is in grade 1 and learning Japanese (and French). would love to get hersomething for Christmas "made in japan" what would you suggest?

    looking forward to following your blog

    elizabeth xx

  5. Your day sounds great!

    I am in a water class as well and am the youngster in there..some of the women have been in the class for over 15 years! I've been there one year. So fun and I've toned up and gotten muscle definition in my arms!

    Do you go more than once a week?

  6. Hi everyone, thanks!

    Sunny, yes I go to that class twice a week plus an intensive swimming class once a week. I love it!


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