Got my drivers licence renewed - one less thing to worry about

About two months ago I got the postcard to say my (Japanese) driver's licence needed to be renewed. As with all things bureaucratic I put it off and put it off. I had huge notes scrawled across the calendar which I crossed out and transferred each week. I didn't want to miss the deadline since I am due for a GOLD licence this year (no accidents, parking or speeding tickets - touch wood). But I still did not really want to go on my own.

Last night I DECIDED that today would be the day. We dragged ourselves along to the camera shop to get a picture taken. (It turned out very nice) Then I followed the man's instructions to take it straight to the police station. I might have wimped out at that stage had he not told me to do that.

I am pleased to say the women at the Central Police Station were friendly, courteous and very helpful. I managed to get all the paperwork done then and there. We had to watch a half hour traffic safety video then we were free to leave. All told it took about an hour and a half.

Little Guy was happy to sit through the video, appeased by the lollies I found in the bottom of my bag and then later kept company by a REALLY noisy boy the same age. Mr. T looked like an angel compared to him and I was secretly very relieved we were not the ones causing a disturbance for once.

So I did it! It's been a while since I talked about my fear of doing anything official that requires me to speak Japanese. I still have the fear but I guess it's not quite so great these days. Yaye me!


  1. Hi Jacqui...everything seems harder until you push your self to get it done...and you actually wonder why you hesitated in the first place ( I do this all the time)...So glad you got through it and are worry free now !

  2. Well done Jacquie!

    Have a fab Christmas in NZ and look forward to catching up online again on your return!

    Cheerio and Bon Voyage for Saturday,

    Jenny xxx

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