A huge apology

I am so sorry!!! I left Japan without updating Blooming in Japan and without saying farewell!

We are here in New Zealand now, having a great time - although it's still pretty tiring. Our flight over was pretty good but so long since we could not get a direct flight. My kids were very good on the plane but we were in transit for a day and a half so it was tough on all of us.

Of course after all of the rushing about in the months before we left I immediately got sick the moment I slowed down. I have had an awful migraine headache for a few days, though it's better now I am being extremely careful. At the same time I got a very upset stomach so I have not been in the best condition at all! Of course Swine Flu was on everyone's mind!!

We have been in New Zealand for about five days now. The weather has been really variable - windy, rainy and freezing a lot of the time which we were not prepared for. Right now we are enjoying a beautiful sunny day in Hawkes Bay (East coast of the North Island). I hope the weather holds for the next few days as we are heading to the beach on Friday.

Over the next week or so I am meeting Kim from StickyTiki, Nykie from Mistral Photography and Katharine from Alfalfa! I am incredibly excited about that.

I had lovely lovely parcels waiting for me from Hayley at Little Pinwheel, Andrea at Mixit, Victoria at Brusselsprouts and Lou at Buttons by Lou Lou. Thanks so much wonderful ladies!! I will email properly once I get back to a normal internet connection. It's a bit hard to do when you are travelling, staying in hotels or on airbeds with friends and family.

Merry Christmas everyone.
Thanks for all your comments, wonderful messages and support this year.
See you back in Japan on January 5th.


  1. I already miss you...
    But I'm so happy for you that you can be in your homeland after such long time!!! Take it easy and have fun!!!!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful Kiwi Christmas!

  3. YAY! enjoy being at home. Sorry to hear you got sick but I think that always happens when you have been busy for a long time and then slow down. Happy Xmas!!

  4. Happy New Year! Look forward to read about your adventures when you're back in Japan! towe.


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