Just passing through! with another sheep story

A while ago I spotted this mention of one of my favourite companies, Icebreaker, on Springwise.com.

"New Zealand merino wool clothing company Icebreaker now allows customers to trace each garment they buy back to the sheep stations where the merino fibre was grown"

Yesterday my parcel of Icebreaker clothing arrived. The packaging was gorgeous. Each garment has a little User's Manual attached - even the socks!! Of course not "how to put on socks" but telling you about the special construction features and especially where the wool is from.

I looked up the BAA Code of my Icebreaker 260 Polo Neck sweater and found out that the wool came from three stations in the South Island of New Zealand. I could even see pictures of the farms! Take a look here.

I ordered my Icebreaker from Run79 They ship internationally, details are on the cart page. For me I had the option of shipping free to my New Zealand address or paying for shipping to Japan but not paying NZ GST tax. There wasn't much difference in price so I chose to get it sent to save space in my suitcase. Plus I am already wearing my new cozy wooly socks and tops.

If you love merino wool I also recommend Ibex. They use New Zealand wool too but are US based.

If you have never worn quality merino you should give it a try. It is so smooth it's like fine cotton. It's never itchy, it's naturally antibacterial, it resists stains and odours. And it is SO WARM.


  1. You know, we get New Zealand butter at the bakery where I work and it is the most amazing butter I've ever used. The best stroller we've had was designed in New Zealand and the list goes on. I think it's really amazing that such a small country produces so many great quality products.

  2. Hi Jacqui.

    I too like Icebreaker clothing.

    Have you checked out the 'Baa Code' to see which sheep your garment came from?



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