Last day to shop from Mee a Bee

We head to New Zealand on Saturday so I am closing the shop tomorrow.
Everything will be posted by Friday by express mail so it will reach you by Christmas.

I will re-open the shop in January with new items for Spring!

Thanks for supporting Mee a Bee so generously over the past year.


  1. Have a great holiday, put your feet up and RELAX. and have a super Christmas and New year.
    I wish I was coming with you!

  2. Have a lovely holiday...I haven't ventured to NZ yet, but I have plenty of friends from there and I know it's lovely. I hope you enjoy being home and have a wonderful Christmas. I promise once the quilts are finished I'll send you a pic.

  3. Merry Christmas fabulous Mrs Mee a Bee. Have a wonderful holiday and make sure you spend up big at CR. Looking forward to being inspired by you in 2010!

  4. Enjoy your trip and seeing your family and friends. Best wishes!


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