New Years Resolutions: Post-Holiday

Team Mee a Bee say farewell at Auckland International Airport

Well I think I have posted the last of my news from New Zealand. It's been a week and a half since we got back. It's already getting hard to remember all the things I was bursting to share. The grim reality of life in Japan is setting back in.

Biggie started back at school last Friday. He's been up early and out the door by 7.45am everyday. The days without him are still very long. Little Guy never shuts up - that sounds awful but honestly it's been doing my head in - the constant barrage of mummy this, mummy that, mummy, mummy, mummy! The only thing I am pleased about is how well Little Guy is putting his sentences together and expressing himself since the trip (being a bilingual it's a constant concern to get enough language input).

And now I will complain about the weather. It's freezing. Yesterday we actually had snow. Biggie's lips are blue when he gets home from school. Today Little Guy and I drove to the post office - it was too cold to contemplate the bike. I am wearing several layers of wooly underwear. Yesterday I kept my wooly hat on all day, even inside. I know it's not as cold as other parts of the world but still ... it's damn uncomfortable.

New Year's resolutions?

To go to bed earlier - until tonight I was doing really well. The cold has driven me to bed by ten or so. Travel wariness had me in bed at six or seven last week!

To spend more time doing quality activities with the kids. I always have the best intentions ...

To that end I've been reading more to Little Guy, choosing proper stories, appropriate for his age, rather than the one-liner board books like "Where's Spot?"

Yesterday at his urging we baked a pizza together and (since it was snowing) we watched Happy Feet on DVD.

Less internet time will be on everyone's list I am sure. So far so good for me. Since my office is always chilly I find I use the computer less at this time of year anyway.

What's not on my list? To lose weight. I am really happy with the progress I have made at the gym. I have trimmed down, my clothes are fitting better and I feel good. I have already been to the gym twice since we got back - always hard to do after a long break!

Have a great year everyone!


  1. You look great. I wish I could join you in the gym...I am still on restricted activity. Surely this can't be good for me?

  2. Yes,you look so happy and relaxed and same time full of energy! So nice to see you!!
    I have made only one resolution every year (because it's easy to lost the track of whole bunch of it) and this years resolution is to have always fresh flowers at home :)
    Good luck with yours!!!

  3. Welcome back !
    I see you're settling back and slowly finding your Japanese groove back.
    I'll be doing the same in a week or so, but am still enjoying the very last bits of home now.

    But enough talking, I just wanted to send you my best wishes for the new year ! I hope 2010 will be a wonderful year for you and your family !


  4. Welcome Home! Looking forward to seeing your new creations through the coming year.


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