Mee a Bee beach tour of NZ

What's there to do in New Zealand? NZ has an extremely long coastline. How long? 15,000 km!!! read and see more more here. No matter where you are in New Zealand you are never very far from the beach so to the beach we went!

One of our stops was Hawkes Bay where we stayed with my aunty and uncle. We rented a beach house in Waimarama for two nights which was amazing. Little Guy and Biggie tried their hands at boogie boarding for the first time.

Back in Auckland we had a picnic dinner at Eastern Beach on Christmas Eve with my dad. We had lunch at Maraetai with my sister, neice and dad the day after Boxing Day. We spent our last day in NZ at Mission Bay, gorged ourselves silly on fish and chips.

We arrived in Korea at midnight on Monday - the kids wearing shorts and t shirts, me with sunburnt shoulders - to find the runway covered in snow and chilly -4 degrees C (24F). Did we miss New Zealand? YES

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