Bikes for Kinder

One of my lovely customers has a little boy starting at Kinder in a couple of weeks. Of course a bag is required!

This is one of the ones we've been thinking about. I made it from a durable canvas, all cotton, so that it can be machine-washed easily.

It has two straps! Why? In this picture we're trying to decide the final colour of the strap, emailing back and forth. Neither is sewn in yet. Doesn't it seem like fun?

Most likely we'll be going with another one so this cool little bag will be in my store. It's a child-sized messenger bag, larger than the toddler-size I make most often. Big Kindy Boys have more to carry!


  1. ooH ooH does it hold A4 books?

  2. Cute bag! I love the fabric. towe.

  3. Thanks you two. Cat, it's not as big as it looks in the picture. I will see what I can do for you! ;)


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