BrusselSprouts, MixIt and Chicken Pox

Where does the time go? Days seem to be flying by at the moment - the month is half over and I am already filling in days on February's page.

I had a very relaxing weekend. Mr. Mee a Bee was home on Saturday which makes a big difference to my outlook. He did my usual Saturday morning things - dropped Biggie off at his club, took Little Guy to the park, put on a load of washing - while I had a friend over for coffee. Nice!

After lunch the kids went to visit their grandparents. With the kids away I was free to watch television - all the gruesome serial killers, lurid sex scenes, drug-induced frenzies, etc that you can't watch with kids around (CSI, ColdCase, Law & Order, etc). I had the sewing machine and the TV on for over twelve hours. I probably would have gotten a lot more done without the TV but it would not have been as enjoyable.

It's lucky I had that time to myself since Little Guy appears to have come down with Chicken Pox. Two spots on Saturday have turned into dozens today. He's still his cheerful self which is a blessing but I am on full alert as you are when one of the kids is sick.

In the picture, taken in NZ, Little Guy was all dressed up in his gorgeous handmade t-shirt from Mixit. It seemed a perfect match for his fantastic handmade shorts from BrusselSprouts. Hopefully my little model won't end up with any awful chicken pox scars. So far his face is relatively untouched. Fingers crossed it's not too unbearable for him and he gets better quickly.


  1. Such a cute hand made outfit ! & oh No about the pox...did'nt he get the vaccine ?

  2. Hope he gets better soon.
    Joey got chicken pox around this time last year and it was awful but at least it wasn't as bad as it would have been in the summer. He had it quite badly but managed to stay cheerful throughout. He has a couple of big scars but thankfully only one on his face and there are still alot of small discoloured bit on his body but I figure he will grow out of those! Hope T gets better soon as there is nothing worse than being stuck in quarantine. :-(

  3. photo looks great. feel so sorry for you with chicken pox - it would be terrible with small children!

  4. Poor little man, my first son got Chicken Pox at 10months so awful. Hope he gets better soon. The outfit looks great!

  5. Oh dear. Poor little guy I hope he gets better soon. Keep his nails really short!

  6. Thanks everyone, he seems to be doing fine and thankfully not itching much. A bath in baking soda this morning and some of my homoeopathic creams are helping.

  7. Poor Tyler. Lucky he waited for you to get back home before breaking out though!

    It was so lovely catching up with you all, and it sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I am back to reality this week too (back at work after a month off). Hard to settle back to it!


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