Inspired to cook!

You read my post about the books I am reading. I'm totally hooked on Julia Child's book. Can you imagine me getting into bed each night and reading a cookbook? Too funny!

I had just been reading the chapter on soups when the kids started to get sick. I decided to zap some vitamins into them with a restorative carrot and ginger soup. I couldn't find the recipe I thought I had so I improvised: onions, a quarter of a kabocha pumpkin that was kicking around in the vegetable drawer and two or three large carrots, which I grated. Once I had that boiling in some stock I grated in some fresh ginger. It was delicious. Though it had a little bit too much of a kick for Biggie. I couldn't help mentioning the expression "That'll put some hair on your chest!"

Yesterday it was Mr. Mee a Bee's birthday. His dinner request was lasagne. Biggie doesn't like tomatoes and until recently has refused to eat anything tomato based including pizza. He also hates cheese. Therefore lasagne is not on our menu these days but since it was Mister's birthday I agreed to make one. Yum! I made it over the course of two days, since it's quite time consuming and labour intensive. The meat sauce was just heavenly having had a night in the fridge to meld the flavours.

Also on the menu were blue cupcakes. Little Guy is a policeman now. He has to wear blue everyday and loves everything blue. We don't eat much blue food ... so for fun I made some blue icing. I used the cupcake recipe from my old faithful Edmond's cookbook. Even Nigella swears by it.

Happy Birthday Mr. Mee a Bee


  1. I read cook books before bed some times too - looking for inspiration for my basic cooking skills, or for new recipe ideas (Mr Lady Bug is a MUCH better cook than me!)

  2. Happy Birthday Mr. Mee a Bee! I knew it was coming soon but couldn't find the actual date!

    Congratulations and looking forward to seeing you soon.

  3. Happy Birthday,Mr Mee a Bee! Many happy years to come!!!!!!!!!

    PS How do you say "Happy Birthday" in Japanese?


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