Never too young for a man-bag

This little chap's mum told me she would email me a picture of Mr. B and his new bag. The email came with ten pictures and an apologetic note saying she couldn't pick a favourite. I can see why!

Bag Schmag - get a load of this future cover of GQ Magazine! Isn't he just gorgeous?

Mr. B snapped up the last of the Beetle Car & Jumping Frogs reversible bags but I still have some of the single-sided ones in grey or red with the car flap in my store.

Thanks Lou for sharing your little man with us!


  1. awww - is n't he the cutest thing in the whole white world??? And the bag is perfect for him!!!!!Adorable little man and great picture! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. ohhhh isnt he cute! love the little giraffe hanging out the top. I found little mimoo tucked up in bed the other night with hers across her body with a jumper stuffed in it! ha it is 40 degrees here so I dont know where she was going with her bag and jumper!! ha

  3. this pic is soooooo cute!^_^ i love your bags!

  4. With that look he'll definately be the cover of GQ magazine more than once! Cute! towe.

  5. Oh he's just divine. :) Super fab bag too. Oh, and I gave my niece the little frog tea party bag earlier in the week and she kept saying how, "cool" it was especially cos it's so much like "Bastian's". :) Tick of approval from Little Miss 4. xo


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