What's on the nightstand?

I'm one of those people who always has a lot of books on the go. At the moment I have some really good non-fiction ones on my shelf.

domestic goddess on a budget by wendyl nissen is full of great old-fashioned tips made relevant for the modern woman. I got this for my birthday and have really felt inspired to clean up my act (lots of green house cleaning tips in the first chapter).

Julia's Kitchen Wisdom by Julia Child. What can I say? I heard about the Julie/Julia Project a couple of years ago when Julie Powell's book was first published (from her blog!). I never did read the book but I was really excited when I heard it would be made into a movie. By a stroke of good fortune it was playing on the plane back from Auckland. It's such a gem of a movie. Meryl Streep won a Golden Globe for her performance, her acceptance speech was just wonderful. Like so many people I was inspired by the movie so when I came across this book by Julia Child I got it. I don't think I could quite tackle her real cook books but this one is really ingenious and makes French cooking seem a real possibility.

I picked up The Lost Art of Childhood by Sarah Bryden-Brown and Good Mother Bad Mother by Gina Ford at one of those massive book clearance sales at the showgrounds. So far I have really enjoyed the childhood one. It's about modern families having lost the knowledge to teach their children simple pastimes such as gardening and cooking. It's right up my alley in my quest to be a great mum! I'm wondering if my kids would like to learn to surf ... but right now I think we're going to investigate snowboarding. I'm a big fan of Gina Ford so I can't wait to get into her book. Hopefully I will be able to determine that I am a good mother really. ;)

I've had the Supermummy book by Mel McGee on my shelf for ages. Every so often I pick it up and everytime I come away with a great nugget of advice that I can put into practice straight away. Likewise the TwitterPower book by Joel Comm. Twitter is a big source of visitors to my website and shop. I think a lot of my online success can be attributed to these two.


  1. Some of those sound really interesting. I will have to check them out!

  2. some really interesting read you have there! I have kind of "switched" to non fiction too lately. Life is more interesting than fantasy :)


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