You can take a girl out of NZ but you can't take NZ out of the girl

Living overseas, as I have for almost fourteen years, you become weirdly attached to emblems of your home country. My friends and family know this about me and generously lavish "Kiwiana" gifts on me. This year the stuff I got was VERY cool and amazingly well-suited to me.

From one friend I got two cookie fabulous cutters, one will cut out little kiwis (the birds) and the other this map of New Zealand. Get yours here at where I borrowed this picture from.

Another friend gave me some really cool felt (a GREAT start) tiki coasters. Mine are green and so gorgeous. Too good for drinks. You might be lucky and find the green ones for yourself at Living and Giving.

I also got a silicon ice cube tray that makes tiki-shaped ice. The kids have loved that in their drinks this week!

Keeping with the Kiwi-in-the-Kitchen theme I received five tea towels this year! Obviously my loved ones are reading my blog :)

This one pictured (by this artist) I actually bought for myself one day when I was feeling really ill. I spotted it at the pharmacy. Jaffas are my all-time favourite sweet. I was informed by a friend of mine that production of jaffas had ceased. I questioned everyone I met about this shocking rumour. One person had heard it was just the ones in boxes that are gone. This led to an obsessive hunt for jaffas at each gas-stop, dairy, superette and food store. I did indeed find the jaffas in party-pack bags (I had to buy them). Tucked away in a dusty corner of the FOUR SQUARE ON MAIN ROAD ELLERSLIE (hint, hint) I found a neat little pile of perhaps old stock of boxed jaffas. I am kicking myself for not buying the lot. They might end up collectors' items!

Thanks Katharine (Alfalfa) for feeding the beast. She sent me some Darryl Lea ones that are very similar and so so good!

Thanks everyone for all the cool gifts. We all got really fantastic presents, too many to list. We appreciate your generosity.


  1. NO! They can't stop making jaffas - or pineapple lumps or licorice alsorts. Or burgerrings or for that matter. Trips home just wouldn't be the same!

    Bummer about the chickenpox but good that he's had it now while he is little. They hit my kids when Shou was 18 months and Marina 2 months.

    Happy sewing - I'd love to be half as crafty as you. Love the pre-school bags.

  2. thanks GW! pineapple lumps and licorice allsorts have to stay I agree but I am more of a rashuns person than burger rings :)


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