easy peasy lemon squeezy

In planning for this week's Chatty Cafe conversation class I got two lemons. Yes, even I get tired of chocolate cakes all the time!

It was decided that I would try Lemon Bars. The Barefoot Contessa's recipe called for large amounts of cream as did Donna Hay's so it was off to the internet to search for a simple recipe. I found this one here for Lemon Square Bars that seemed do-able. 

The base went together really easily but I wondered if I may need to add extra flour. I didn't which proved to be the downfall of this recipe. I may have under-cooked it as well. Once it came out of the oven the second time it had butter oozing out from the bottom, nasty stuff, I had to blot it with a paper towel. Shhhhhh.

I won't call it a success but it was delicious. It was absolutely so refreshing to have something sweet and tangy for a change. I am on the hunt for a very simple recipe, by simple I mean in its method and also ingredients required.

I've been feeling lemony in my sewing as well. I made these Spring Chick tote bags last year with the intention of saving them for Easter. I think they're perfect for taking things to your school fete, annual Easter Egg hunt or just to celebrate the joy of Spring. The fabric is a Kokka design. Cotton/Linen.

Easter, by the way is in the first week of April this year. It's not far away.
Spring Tote Bag by Mee a Bee

Lemons pictured:
Amarillo limon / Lemon yellow
Originally uploaded by purolipan

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